Rent from 18 years.

Стаж не имеет значения. Аренда с 18 лет.

24 часа

We present to your attention a new car!

Minibus Hyundai H1 - 2019.

The appearance of the Hyundai H-1 is “universal”, a restrainedly strict minibus will look optimal both as a family car and as a business car.

A solid “face” with frowning headlights, a “cascading” radiator grille and a relief bumper, a monumental silhouette with a sloping hood, “chubby” wheel arches and energetic stampings, a solid feed with multifaceted lights and an “endless” trunk lid - from the outside, the “Korean” is not handsome , but very attractive and harmoniously complex.

Experience does not matter. Rent from 18 years.